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Slickr Reinvents the Runway with ‘The Presentation’

For this year's upcoming Cairo Fashion Festival, sartorial social media platform Slickr is changing the game, opting for a still presentation instead of a traditional runway...

Demonstrating once more their innate knack for spotting avant-guard trends, Slickr is flooding the Cairo Fashion Festival with an innovative event that promises to reinvent the way designers unveil their latest collections.

“The Fashion Presentation is not a catwalk; it is a still performance,” says one of Slickr’s founders María Muñoz, as she introduces a concept that has been taking the fashion world by storm to the Egyptian scene. “The Presentation offers brands and designers an opportunity to display their collection on a stage in a more intimate and engaging setting than the catwalk,” she explains.

Having partnered with Cairo Fashion Festival for the upcoming Season 5, the fashion social media platform launched the concept through 10 Egyptian designers who will showcase their collections. “The stage will have different setups for each designer, each one of which represents their brand identity and the creative process behind each of the brands,” she says.

“While the catwalk is more oriented to trading, the presentation is a 360-degree experience, based on a relatively small and controlled space, which means it is more cost effective for designers, especially those emergent voices with limited budgets,” she adds.

From minimalistic restaurants to Indian houses, the different setups prepared at Cairo Fashion Festival will offer an inspiring backdrop for models to embody a variety of scenes.  Rising talents such as Nermien Safwat Designs, The Indian Elephant, Max, Splash, Banjaraline, Sarah Gabr, and Ultimate Fashion Wear will display their collections in what promises to be a game-changing event in the Middle East.  

Digitally-based and screen friendly, The Presentation is based on confluence, rationalism of space, and maximisation of the experience. In order to prepare the setups, Slickr’s founders met with 10 of Cairo’s rising designers in order to unveil the concept behind their campaigns and find out the creative process that led to their campaigns. “We could say it is more of an art form than a typical show, which also allows the audience to get closer to the collection and capture the essence of each designer brand’s identity,” says Muñoz.

An internationally rising trend, Presentations have been making waves around the world, including brands such as Burberry, Prada, and Chanel. “The fashion world is migrating to presentations because they reflect the brand’s identity in a serene way. They are also a cheaper and more practical way, as they require less models,” she says, “It is exciting how these new global trends are being embraced the local community.”

You can check out Slickr's Facebook page here or find out more about Cairo Fashion Festival here