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The Fashion Atelier Workshop Challenges Design Standards

Proving the infallible truth that 'hands on' is the best way to learn, founder of The Fashion Atelier, Tamr Rezkalla is raising the next generation of designers who know what it takes to design beyond the books.

Apparently, it only takes you approximately six weeks to become a designer. Then again, Coco Chanel did not just stay at home on weekends reading about Lady Gaga's wardrobe malfunctions and watching Project Runway to get to where she is, and neither should you. Better clean out all your cookie/ice cream boxes and refill them with sewing kits, because you're about to get the F word. F for fashion, that is.  

The Fashion Atelier is a comprehensive project based on daily progress, where the workshop peeps gather every Tuesday or Wednesday at the Blue Room in the GrEEK Campus for an intense glamorous fashion session. We're guessing they meet up and gossip about Kim Kardashian, no? You know, aside from learning the ins and outs of how to launch their own fashion career. We spoke to the Founder, Tamr Rezkalla, for further details, and she seems to be shattering all fashion design stereotypes with her own twists.   

She explains that "Fashion, at the moment, is much more than a pretty outfit, or a luxury item, or being a stereotyped fashionista – it is about culture and exposure; it's an art." Well, take that Kim K! She goes on to add that "Fashion is just not something that can be taught in books!" Does this mean that Kojak is finally going to have some serious competition?  

Seeing that Rezkalla has already been designing for 10 years, it only seemed fit that she started passing on the fashionable torch. After being around for six years, The Fashion Atelier has decided to implement a new course into their curriculum. In addition to their Beginner, Intermediate, and Gown Bridal levels, they're introducing a new Styling course. This course will be exclusive to teach inspiration and marketing in order to get the baby designers ready for their big runway show next September. They've taken this opportunity as a chance to go against the standard styling tide to showcase Egyptian bodies of all sizes. Who knows, maybe this would be the first time we'll ever see a pregnant lady on the catwalk! And it damn well shouldn't be the last. 

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