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This is Egypt’s First Pole Dancing Fashion Brand and It's Both Sexy and Functional

Embrace your pole persona in a super cute, flattering Nallegra Body Wear set.

A slew of pole dancing studios have sprung up in Cairo in recent years, and many of us are now spending our evenings whirling and twirling around poles, flipping our bodies in ways we never thought possible. We're not all graced with a toned, lean dancer's figure, but if we're doing something that'll at least make us feel good about our bodies, we might as well go all the way and buy the sexy apparel to go with it. 

Nallegra Body Wear is Egypt’s first pole and aerial wear brand, offering the sassy apparel that our killer pole dance and yoga workouts have been missing. “I’ve been doing pole dancing for six years now; by nature, it requires a lot of skin exposure, which allows for that extra grip,” Noura Gamal the brand owner tells us.

Nallegra Body Wear's cross-tangled and side see-through bottoms have just the right ratio of bum to coverage, and won’t give you the camel toe that tends to awkwardly appear in your sweatpants. Finding a good-enough sports bra is a bit like searching for a soulmate; you know it's out there somewhere, but you have to go through many toads to get to it. Nallegra Body Wear's well-padded velvet tops aren't just sexy and flattering, but they prevent the 'dreaded bounce' – that's to say you won’t have to suffer through embarrassing nip slips. The gap here is finding a the support from a sports bra, matched with the sexiness of a fashion brand. “When looking for pole dancing wear in Egypt, most of the tops were like the good bras found in sports stores. But pole dancing is a very feminine sport. I also couldn’t wear something like a swimming suit because that would provide the same support as a sports bra.” adds Omran.

As newbies to pole dance class we'd be hiding in a corner our first couple of times around - which is hard because the room has mirrored walls. Trying on Nallegra Body Wear’s sexy sets however, we think they'd have us feeling in the zone right away.

Check out Nallegra Body Wear’s Instagram page here.

Main image: #MO4Productions by @MO4Network.