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Top 10 Arab Make-Up Tutorial Pros

Whether you're after flawless skin, Cara eyebrows or Kylie lips, these Arab make-up pros have some of the best video tutorials around.

You know when you flip through a magazine or check out the latest runways shows, and you're dying to recreate the models make-up looks, only to find yourself looking like Ronald McDonald? Yeah. Hoping to save us from our selves are a slew of make-up pros across the region, regularly posting high-fashion beauty looks on their YouTube channels and social profiles with step-by-step tutorials on how to achieve them. Here are some of our favourites to follow.

Summer Abdelmottlib:

Egyptian American certified make-up artist Summer keeps us up-to-date with her latest looks and artsy tricks. She posts videos of different looks and teaches us how to glam up just like she does.

Huda Kattan

The very famous and gorgeous Huda Kattan has captured the attention of all beauty lovers and make-up artists and practicers. She made a big name for herself with her Youtube channel and we can't get enough of the tutorials she posts on how to get the perfect hair and perfect looks.

Lama Yaseen

Colourful yet it classy, this Arab make-up artist's style is perfect for big events and weddings. And, hey, it's always wedding season.  

Samer Khouzami

Professional make-up man Samer still takes the time to let his fans see how he does his magic and even try his work at home by themselves, despite his busy schedule and illustrious career.

Hanan Alnajadah

This Kuwaiti beauty blogger never lets you miss a trend helping you out step by step throughout the whole process from eyebrow filling to smokey eyes.

Razan Aloudah

When it comes to laid-back looks and classy make-up, we immediately turn to Razan for advice as her channel is filled with continuous uploads of various makeovers. 

Fady Kataya

Yet another Arab artist that ignites the beauty of Middle Eastern skin tone, Fady's tutorials are easy to follow and can revolutionise your regular make-up routine.

Hala Ajam

Applying foundation is definitely a difficult process; one has to choose the exact skin color, differentiate between the types coverage and use different tones for different areas of the face. That's when all eyes turn to pro Hala Ajam, who touches up clients' faces on camera for everyone to see, admire and follow.

Dalal AlDoub

Kuwait seems to be holding treasures of beauty advisors and we are here to reveal them to you, and this includes none other than the talented Dalal AlDoub, in whose taste we trust and tutorials we recommend following.

Farah Dhukai

Miss Dhukai practices on her herself and puts it up on social media platforms to help others who struggle with make-up find their way to looking fab.