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CairoScene Teams Up With Egygamer For An Exclusively Egyptian GeekScene

The Cairene geek is a rare and exotic animal with delicate temperament and tastes. We understand that, and so do EGYgamer, so we're crafting it the perfect habitat.

As you guys probably noticed, we did a little thing recently and launched our new SceneGeek section. Inspired by all the giant geeks and huge nerds I’ve met during my brief time in Egypt, we’re making a platform for the people of Cairo to satiate all their geeky pop culture needs – from the latest tech news about our impending integration into singularity to keeping up on all the news from your favourite fictional universes. Enter: EGYgamer. 
The fine young chaps at EGYgamer share our vision for the Cairene geek scene. We’ve teamed up to bring you game and hardware reviews, news, tips, and videos of our officemates being uncomfortably bad at games. Prepare for reviews that reflect life in Egypt – with our unique cultural experience, less-than-optimal net connections, and tendency to game in groups; worldwide gaming news, and our opinions on what effect it will have on us gamers of Egypt. We’ll even have videos of us playing the coolest games, or getting other people to play games that they don’t like and laughing at their pain.
One of the first games we very politely insisted on playing immediately was Star Wars: Battlefront. If you don’t know, I’m sort of into Star Wars and I’ve been itching to get my hands on the game.  
Now I can live out all my Darth Vader fantasies. Well, most of them anyway. 
Our first go at the co-op survival mode. I'm on the top screen, making short work of stormtroopers and one of our nameless interns trying tom make themselves useful on the bottom. 
Gamers of Egypt, I've felt your pain. Before I met the kind souls at EGYgamer, I had given up all hope of doing any gaming during my time in Egypt. I had resigned to playing a couple of indie titles on my MacBook, but I craved something substantial. Retro pixel art is great, but I needed something high definition. I wanted to feel a controller in my hand again.
Long have I taken for granted the experience of being an avid gamer in America; abundant retailers, cheap games, the ability to trade old titles in for new ones. I was spoiled, I know that now. When I came to Egypt, I left all my systems and games in the States, under the assumption that it would be easy to pick up a used PlayStation and a couple of older games without taking out a small business loan. Oh, my hubris.
After saving up a few Egyptian pounds, I went on the hunt for my new best friend. After exhausting several hours at the mall, I left and resigned to never go back to a mall. Ever. So, I checked online. The Facebook pages that sell games didn’t really seem like the most trustworthy way to get my game on; plus, most of it is in Arabic, and I can still barely order a sandwich without embarrassing myself. 
Our boy Zico causing mad bovine chaos in the brand spanking new Egypt simulator Just Cause 3.
My biggest worry was having to wait for games for weeks. While the world around me revelled in the joy of a brand new game and posted about it online, I sat here and wallowed in my own misery and Cheetos dust, watching YouTube. Hooking up with EGYgamer made that worry disappear, but they couldn't do anything about the Cheetos dust. Ordering from EGYgamer, you get the games the day they come out, right at your house. No more hoping and waiting for your overseas shipment that will show up sometime soon after release, or – God forbid – going to the mall. Gross. 
EGYgamer gets you the games you need, plus the systems and accessories to make them even better.
Order from Egygamer here and check them out on Facebook and their spiffy new Instagram.