Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Video: NASA Mars Rover Takes Viral Photo of Sphinx-like Face

A picture captured by NASA's Mars rover is virally spreading across the web, revealing what appears to be a Sphinx-like face on the surface of the planet.

Staff Writer

Spreading through social media like a common cold is a picture taken by NASA’s Mars Rover which many are claiming captures a surface formation that is eerily similar to the Sphinx face.

Seeing faces on the surface of Mars is not a new phenomenon, as usually they are nothing more than rocks creating shadows that trick the eyes of those who want to believe that there is or at least was life on Mars.

Earlier this year, NASA announced a ground breaking discovery providing evidence of salt water on the surface of Mars. Scientists and just about anyone who graduated elementary school knows that water is a prerequisite for life. The finding of water essentially opened the flood gates which has led to many a self proclaimed Martian archaeologist analysing pictures looking for the smoking gun to prove that life either exists or did exist on Mars.

One of the self proclaimed Martian archaeologists and editor of the, Scott C Waring is convinced by the finding claiming that "The face does resemble those found by archaeologists near the Egyptian pyramids and there is also a small pyramid very close to the face."

Of course NASA remains skeptical as to date they are yet to find even microscopic life on mars. At the same time faces on Mars emerge every year. Just last month theorists claim that NASA’s Curiosity Rover captured a formation that looked like Mount Rushmore and even days before that believed that a picture revealed a Buddha-like statue on the planet.

Space continues to be the next frontier for believers and skeptics, and we’re sure this won’t be the last time that these claims are made, but if we’re to be honest, much could be explained about Egyptian culture if its origins are in fact Martian. We don’t really believe that, but it is fun to dream, and think of the boost it would give tourism.