Friday February 23rd, 2024
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iPhone SE Announced For Power Users With Little Hands

All the power of Apple's newest devices in a more thumb-friendly form.

Staff Writer
Apple has officially announced its next iPhone and there is absolutely nothing new about it at all. That's not entirely a bad thing, though. At Apple’s launch event, the 4-inch iPhone SE was unveiled, proving they believe size really does matter. With 30 million 4-inch iPhones sold last year, clearly there are still a few people who don’t subscribe to the mantra of bigger is better. 
The SE looks a lot like the iPhone 5S from a couple years ago. And by ‘looks a lot like” I mean they look exactly the same. With the same brushed aluminium back and curved corners, you could put the SE and it’s three-year-old sibling right next to each other and not notice any difference. It’s what on the inside though that counts, right?
The iPhone SE may share the same silhouette as an old phone but its guts are all state of the art. Cramming all the inside bits that made the 6S series iPhones so fancy means that the SE is very sophisticated despite its looks.
Apple’s A9 processor comes with 2GB of RAM, meaning apps and games will be supercharged and the phone's processing power will remain relevant for whatever apps Apple has in the works. Likewise, the camera in the SE is the same 12-megapixel setup from the newest 6S. The only major omission feature-wise is the lack of 3D touch abilities that were introduced last year. This means that those looking for a smaller iPhone with all the spiffy new features of the 6S will have to wait for the SEs or whatever they’re going to call it, unless they can live without 3D touch. 
The best part, though, definitely, is that all those sweet cheap cases that were available for the iPhone 5S are still really easy to find and will fit the SE no problem!