Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Amaros: Bringing Nubian-Inspired Homes To Jamaran Beach

Waking up to find the beautiful shores of Sahl Hasheesh's Jamaran Beach right before your very eyes is just the icing on the cake with Amaros...

Staff Writer

Sahl Hasheesh is the ultimate summer vacation paradise outside of Egypt’s bustling cities. From its clean air and amazing cultural festivals to its pristine beaches, there is no shortage of reasons to consider committing to a stress-free life by the iconic Red Sea. There are endless seaside development projects sprouting all over Egypt; however, all too often, projects that look good on paper get delivered late and with uninspired units that are not as advertised. Looking to take the stress out of making this decision is the vibrant, colourful, elite community under development in Sahl Hasheesh known as Amaros. On track to deliver sea view twin villas in only an impressive two years, we decided to look into this much talked about development project to see why beach home buyers believe it’s destined to be the jewel of Jamaran Beach.Amaros roughly translates to ‘rainbow’ in Nubian; the project’s name is not a mere coincidence, but rather the inspired vision of the latest seaside development project to be launched in the elite community of Jamaran in Sahl Hasheesh. While other developments promise homes that all look alike, Amaros aims to create a vibrant community of colour that will give its development more character than any in the area, giving its residents a sense of pride as their colourful home matches the natural beauty of its surrounding.

The iconic Jamaran Beach needs no introduction as it has garnered a reputation as one of the underwater hotspots for both divers and snorkellers looking for the cast of Finding Nemo. Situated only 200 metres from the beach, Amaros is truly a seaside development attracting many beach homebuyers, as it is one of the few actually offering title deeds for the buyers’ purchased properties. Sweetening the already cavity-inducing deal is the fact that many of the packages are very attractive in terms of value when compared to the myriad of overpriced projects on the market.Amaros is not only offering you the keys to your home in two years, but have already started construction. This will come as a relief to buyers /investors who find themselves stuck purchasing a home with no clear indication on when construction will start. This speedy construction, surpassing benchmarks, has increasingly aided in establishing Amaros’ credibility.

Hoping to appeal to the Egyptian market, Amaros is offering their properties in Egyptian pounds with a very attractive five-year payment plan with zero per cent interest, along with a host of flexible payments to ensure that your dream beach home is within reach. Its simple and smart designs can accommodate starting from three bedrooms, upgradable to five. Situated on a land elevation, all Amaros beach homebuyers will be treated to a breathtaking sea view and, with a plan to only build a low density number of houses, the view will remain stunning as Amaros won’t become overcrowded.This colourful gated community will have access to a whole host of Jamaran facilities, from mini golf to an exclusive beach clubhouse, while providing a stunning jetty within walking distance, adding even further value to Amaros’ beach homes. Embracing the breathtaking natural surroundings in Sahl Hasheesh, Amaros stands out from other development projects being launched in man-made environments.

Where others will boast about being the best community in the next several years, Amaros is already meeting their target to hand over keys by 2017. So, if you’re looking for a beach home to call your own after next summer, then this is arguably one of the safest, most competitive, and most uniquely colourful property investments to make on the legendary Red Sea.

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