Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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10 Regrets 20-Somethings Have

In all fairness, it should've been more than just 10 things...

Staff Writer

Regret is for the weak. It's an emotion I seldom entertain (not looking at any, if not, all my exes); I have no time for regrets. My life is too filled with vivacious events and interesting people (mainly the cast of Pretty Little Liars). But, even as a 20-year-old, I still regret some things. As part of the generation of the internet, way too much of my time has been spent on the internet stalking someone or aimlessly going through Buzzfeed posts. This got me thinking: what will I regret 10 years from now? When I'm 30, living alone with 40 cats, which memory will make me cringe the most? What will my generation in general regret when we're old and sitting on a front porch, mumbling about yesteryear and smelling like old people? Here are 10 things we most probably will regret in the later years of the future:

1- That YOLO tattoo

2- All those nights spent at "Deep House" raves. No.

3- All those bathroom/office/traffic/shopping selfies.

4- Taylor Swift's 22 being the theme song to your misspent youth.


5- Not wearing a condom when you should have (someone needed to say it).

6- All those birthday shots you should've taken but passed on.

7- Wearing denim shorts in the summer. Actually, denim shorts in general.

8- Dyeing your hair when your natural colour was so much better anyway.

9- Crying over your ex.

10- Being frugal and buying a shitty iPod shuffle.

Honestly, the list could go on forever. But, rather than dwell on all those regrets, take a moment…and just don't. What happened in the past is exactly where it belongs: the past. You can't change it, so you might as well accept it and plan for future fuck ups as a 30 year old.