Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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10 Signs You've Partied Enough

There comes a time in every party animal's life when things just get too crazy...

Staff Writer

If there are any bills left in your wallet, they're rolled up.

You can't remember the last time you went to bed before Fajr.

Your fridge looks like this.

You know what day it is based on what party is happening. Teadance? Ah yes, Friday!


Most of your clothes have BBQ sauce stains on them. No prizes for guessing how they got there.

So good...

The only number you have saved on your shitty phone, a replacement for the last three iPhones smashed in a nightclub, is Remon the bottle dealer.

So good...

You regret having an Instagram account.

You never hesitate to pick up any unlabeled pill around the house and put it in your mouth. You have also taken to crushing and snorting paracetamol. That bill will now come in handy.

Your girlfriend has broken up with you because you wanted to go to the after, after, after party. Again.

"I am not picking you up from 3orabi."

Finally, you keep refering to your parents, siblings and loved ones as your Nacelle Family.

Nacelle Fam...