Monday May 20th, 2024
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10 #InstaReasons Why Zanzibar is the New Sahel

If you, like us, were stuck in the city this past Eid, living vicariously through Instagram, you might have noticed a trend for the exotic Zanzibar superseding the usual Egyptian haunts. Here's why...

Staff Writer

10 #InstaReasons Why Zanzibar is the New Sahel

Whereas the majority of us couldn't even make it to Ain Sokhna this past weekend, the city's real movers and shakers had bigger, better and more exotic plans. Ditching their Gouna yacht cruises and soul-cleansing Sinai adventures for a taste of East Africa with all its tropical glory. What we can only assume is that the jet set have had enough of the same places, faces and vacations, and here's why Zanzibar is the new Sahel...

1) Because Salma Abudeif:


 2) Because belly dancers are so 2000 and late:


 3) Because they don't even need kites to surf there:


 4) Because the Rock is the new Andrea:


 5) Because selfie sticks are mandatory there:


 6) Because out with the man buns and in with the corn rows:


When in #Zanzibar. #TrippinTo

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 7) Because their feluccas come with two levels:


8) Because #SquadGoals:


9) Because you can still get in you Nike+ run in. Obvs 


A run with a view! #Zanzibar #WeRunAfrica #Nikeplus

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10) Because that summertime, summertime sadness