Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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16 Street Signs Egypt Desperately Needs

We mean, where else in the world do you suddenly go flying after hitting a geometrically incorrect speed bump or have to navigate around sheep in the street?

Staff Writer

16 Street Signs Egypt Desperately Needs

Travelling from point A to point B in Egypt is easier said than done. Poorly maintained roads, lack of traffic law enforcement, and a joke disguised as a driving exam all contribute to unacceptably high rate of fatal accidents. Aside from avoiding death, drivers can also find themselves easily lost as many of the street signs seem misleading, often requiring one to pull over to understand. In an effort to increase safety and clarity, we decided to compile a list of street signs that are desperately needed to forewarn drivers and even pedestrians of daily Egyptian encounters on their treacherous roads. 

Beware of Air Conditioning Drips

How to Understand Maadi

Beware of Cyclists...And Karetta

All These Lanes Are About to Become One

Monstrous Speed Bump Ahead

Accidents... Everywhere

 Bateekh Spillage Ahead

The Endless Search for a Trash Can Begins Now

Kharoof Crossing

No Family Vespa Trips

Prepare to Drive for Hours Before You Park

Beware: Lagna Ahead

Pothole from Hell

Protest Ahead

Beware of Hipster Street Selfie

Zaffa Zone
Concept by Eihab Boraie. Illustrations by Ganna Hashem.