Monday 28 of November, 2022
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26 Most Egyptian Things

That have ever happened.

Staff Writer
I scream, you scream, we all scream, police scream.
Born to be unsafe
Packing everything and the kitchen sink
We take social networks to the next level
Not all of them!
We're a pretty resourceful nation
Yes, we deliver to Gaza
One handed bread cycling for the win!
Lion fighting; our new national sport
Ya mummy!
We take your one-way road and raise you a 10-way road
Because sometimes you're on the run AND on Ba7r El A3zam
When parents don't pay attention to kids' clothing
New public transport system is secure
Monkey in a nightclub, obviously.
I ran someone over? 50 LE should cover it...
Friendly advice
Four Seasons too expensive? Build your own suite
The new Nokia Smartshebsheb
You never know when it'll rain gebna
We've never heard of a virgin cock that's merry
We might not have Colonel Sanders, but we have a General Mohamed and his chicken is fresh
Wallahi I only go to the gym twice a week
We wonder what mum thinks