Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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6 Game-Changing Floaties You Can Finally Get in Egypt

Water, sun, and… giant pizza? Talk about baking in the sun!

Staff Writer

If, like us, you think pool noodles are passé, this summer you can act like a fabulous pizza topping while working on that tan. Here to fulfilling some wild summer fantasies, homegrown brand Flota has brought a new line of floaties ranging from the absurd to the fabulous for your floating pleasure! And like pizza, they'll deliver to your doorstep. We've taken it upon ourselves to rate our favourite ones right here because we know choosing the right float is the most important decision of your life.

The Pizza

This pizza won’t destroy your formet el Sahel and will allow you to take those extra cheesy selfies (see what we did there?) with your squad.

The UnicornOne word: Fab-u-lous. Lay back and watch the world revel in your fabulousness. There’s even a winged version of it for the ultra-fabulous. 

The PretzelSalt and all! There’s enough room for a few people on there because #SquadGoals. It's like the Noah's Ark of floats.  

The Swan Put on a that black bikini, get this swan float in black, and unleash the lesbian ballerina in you!

The FlamingoThis seems to be this year's theme. Fabulousness. Because after a unicorn, a flamingo is undoubtedly the second most fabulous thing you can float on considering their  mating and courtship rituals! 

The DoughnutThis is for you Homer Simpson fans out there. It even has the bite taken out of it, which screams COOL! 

 So there you have it. That’s what we'll be floating on from here on out. Check out Flota on Instagram @flota.eg.