Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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7 Reasons to Take a Staycation in Sakkara

We head to Sakkara Country Club for a getaway without needing to hop on a plane or an excruciating car ride.

Staff Writer

Brace yourselves, summer is coming! The days when all we need is to jump in a refreshing pool or have the wind blowing through our hair is fast approaching, and in a city like Cairo refreshment is not easy to come by. One of our favourite spots for a sunny day, Sakkara Country Club, is now getting ready for the sun season, and we have visited the Sakkara oasis to check out what there is to experience this summer that makes a visit well worth it.

A dreamy pool… duh! 

Possibly the most beautiful pool in this entire city is lying at the foot of the sand dunes of Sakkara, surrounded by greenery, at Sakkara Country Club. Dozens of palm trees are offering shade but sun, light and warmth is everywhere, making a jump into that bright turquoies water the stuff dreams are made of. There is even a bar in the water, allowing you to sip on some drinks while lounging in the pool.

Good eats and cigars

The Cigar Lounge with its open fire might not be the most seasonal pleasure; the excellent restaurant seating up to 270 people, however, is. The freshly prepared food around the clock can be consumed in the air-conditioned restaurant, on the panoramic deck offering views of the entire club or from the pool side, delicious wines, beers or your own drinks with a corkage fee included.


The Sakkara stables are famous for having a range of white, brown and black beauties that can be ridden within the vicinity in the show ring or out in the beautiful desert countryside surrounding it. Almost 100 horses are at home at Sakkara, and you may keep or rent yours there. Hobby horseback-riders are welcome as much as professionals that are hoping to ride one of the excellent horses for fitness purposes.

The best sleeps 

The 26 beautifully decorated rooms at Sakkara Country Club offer the most relaxed sleeping experiences in the city. Away from any kind of noise, you may recharge your batteries in one of the beautiful rooms resembling a cozy cave that stays cool even on the hottest days. Romance, family pleasure or solitude all have room in those suites.


The lush Nile Delta in which the club is situated in is the perfect location for people missing some good old chlorophyll in the city. Sakkara Country Club really isn’t missing the color green, unlike most places in this country, and is therefore the perfect place for your city getaway when a nice vista or some fresh air is needed.

Team-building facilities 

In the unique parkour facility, groups and teams can test their bond in the most playful ways. Parkour isn’t just fun, it’s also a competitive way to get your group closer together. However, Sakkara has a lot of ideas for groups to have fun. There is the huge green space for football games, of course, and let’s not forget the bar and restaurant in which that game can be discussed after.

Exploring the desert 

Exploring the stunning dunes in Sakkara has never been this fun. Horses and camels are a given and can be rented around the clock for short and long adventures. Another unique way to explore the Country Club’s surroundings is to cruise through the dunes on a quad bike. Get that wind blowing in your face to cool down on a sunny day.

Kids welcome 

When we say kids are welcome at Sakkara, we don’t just mean the presence of families with children. Groups of children, whether they are school classes or leisure groups, are welcome to splash in the pool (with lifeguards around making sure the little ones don’t drown), explore the beautiful green landscapes with its endless possibilities to kick a ball around and get an ice cream cone to enjoy in the sun. Rooms can also be augmented with beds for children and even the stables have some ponies on offer.  

To get more information on the Club, membership and all the public facilities, click here