Sunday December 10th, 2023
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7 Ways To Be Active Outdoors in Egypt This Fall

All you health and fitness nuts out there, fall is upon us, which means it's time to quit the gym and hit the great outdoors instead. Luckily for you, we've compiled this list of great things to do across the country.

Staff Writer

Temperatures are calming down, the sun makes less of an appearance and activity does not have to be bound to an air-conditioned space anymore. It is fall, and the cooling of the weather means that you can get out there and get in shape in the open without suffering a heat stroke at the same time. Despite the lack of fresh air, Egypt offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and get active this season. We have accumulated a list of possibilities for you to work your teez off, starting now. Shed them pounds and unclog them arteries!

Cairo Runners

Those committed to running are most likely involved with Cairo Runners already. Every Friday, this group of passionate athletes sets off at 7:00 am on the dot, to train for a marathon. All levels of fitness are welcome. However, the aim is to push, push, push and eventually compete in a marathon that will see athletes run for charity.

Routes vary in length to train participants to compete in a 21 kilometre half marathon by the end of the season, and take place in different locations across Cairo every week. So far, about 2,500 runners are involved in these events. On top of that, Cairo Runners organise runs across Egypt, for example the St Catherine’s run, which will take place in May of next year.

Hash Runner

A different kind of running and walking is the Hash group that meets in Maadi every Friday. Fitness and activity is one side of the Hash's priority; the other side is socialisation. People don't come there just to be active, but to meet new people and bond with them in the presence of a couple (or ten) drinks!

Runners meet at 1pm at Ace Club to embark on a trail across Maadi while indulging in beverages that may have runners singing by the end of the race. The route spans over 4 or 5 kilometres and is strictly non-competitive, focusing of the fun behind running, rather than the heart rate. As a result, there is a crowd of pretty crazy athletes running wild in Maadi every Friday, and you can be one of them.

Cairo Bike Scene

Organised bike tours make cycling less of a life-threatening experiment and more of a pleasure. Bike Scene Cairo is putting up monthly gatherings where cycling enthusiasts can take their bike for a spin and socialise. The bike-builders at Ain Bicycles in Zamalek are working to change Cairo's streets and put more bikes on them. You could say that cycling in Cairo is an upcoming trend.

With fall temperatures it is also possible to take your wheels to the countryside or up and down Zamalek. Most importantly, however, cycling means avoiding traffic, which, in addition to getting you in shape, will save you a lot of time. 

Road to Sahl Hasheesh

For those looking to enjoy the outdoors in all shapes or forms, the Road to Sahl Hasheesh, organised by Train For Aim, will push every athlete to their limits. This triathlon comes in four difficulties, making sure every athlete will be challenged to the max. However, while pushing bodies to their limits, competitors get to enjoy the mesmerising scenery of the Red Sea.

Running, cycling and swimming are all activities requiring moderate temperatures, making the Road to Sahl Hasheesh the perfect event to work out your bodies outdoors in the most beautiful setting . Registration closes on November 20, so make sure you are part of this unique outdoor experience in Egypt.

Sandboarding in Fayyoum

Merely entering the desert during the summer is a very dangerous endeavour. Now that the risks of having Fata Morganas has decreased to a minimum, it is time to grab a sand-board and surf some dunes. The most exhausting part of sand boarding isn't, in fact, surfing the dune, but to reach the top of a dune carrying a sand-board.

However, most desert tours across the country will feature sand-boarding opportunities. As temperatures in all deserts are still exceeding those in Cairo during the day, fall is the perfect time to carry out this challenging yet fun sport. Although it requires some skills, it is the perfect open-air activity for the moderate temperatures of fall. 

Horseback Riding at the Pyramids

Hardly anything makes you feel like traveling through time more than galloping through the desert towards some pyramids on horseback. No experience at the Great Pyramids is complete without using either a camel or a horse to get to them. However, it is the wind in your hair when your horse takes off that can add excitement to the already stunning scenery.

During the summer, the lack of shade in the dunes makes the trek less of a comfortable experience. In fall, on the other hand, riders will be able to focus on the ancient backdrop or the pain in their butt rather than the dripping from their forehead or the smell of their armpits. 

Rock Climbing in Sinai

The astonishing mountain range of the Sinai attracts climbers all year, but this time of the year you may not get stuck in the middle of a canyon due to heat exhaustion. Desert Divers in Dahab are working on the first complete Sinai Rock Climbing Guide that you can help create before the end of the year. (To get involved you can get in touch with them at

Of course, there is also the possibility of some hiking. A popular climbing as well as hiking spot is the St. Catherine protectorate, which cools down to up to 6°C at night now for those who plan to ascend at night. Temperatures for the hike, lasting between two and three hours, are close to ideal around fall. Since you will have little chance to find shade while hanging from a rock you may want to bring your sunscreen though.