Friday June 21st, 2024
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8 Egyptian Soap Opera Moments We See Every Episode

The best scenes from Ramadan series that never fail to come back year after year (after year after year after year) that we've very kindly acted out for you in GIFs...

Staff Writer

8 Egyptian Soap Opera Moments We See Every Episode

There’s no doubt that the Egyptian entertainment industry rules the region and perhaps that’s because we’ve figured out the perfect formula. Here are 10 clichéd scenes neither us nor TV producers seem get enough of.

The “Unexpected” Slap

It starts like this: actor winds up another actor, getting all up in their face, actor gets angry, other actor does not desist, actor slaps other actor, actor is extremely shocked.  The slap is not restricted to a specific relationship and has been adapted between father and son, uncle and nephew, mother and step daughter and so on and so forth.

Makeup Forever

She wakes up in hospital after a truck rammed into her, a man stabbed her, a stampede of elephants ran over her and a tree fell on her from the sky...but the makeup is still intact. Wake up in the morning...full make up. Going to the beach...full make up. Hospital bed...full make up. Just gave birth to triplets? You guessed it...

The Chair


Like a scene from a gangster movie, there’s always the chair turn. Slow and full of suspense. Who is behind the chair? Who? Who?! Oh, it’s exactly who we thought it was.

The Dramatic Turn

Phone rings once. Actor/actress picks up phone, giving their back to camera. Actor/actress gasps turns around to face camera in shock.

Adel Emam

We know it isn’t a recurring theme, but with his presence in every show, film and billboard, he’s his own cliché. Egypt finds it hard to let go of its actors and no matter their age they will forever be a part of our drama.

Slow-Mo Drop

It seems the only way to express shock is to drop something. This has been developed throughout the years with camera effects making it even more dramatic than it already is. The object falls with slow motion and shatters and it symbolises everything about life..

Zoom In

Because sometimes you really REALLY need to see someone’s facial expression, all of a sudden.


The Storm Off

Heated conversations...drama, drama, drama! What better way to promote solid communication between individuals than to constantly storm off? The original talk to the hand, Egyptian drama has promoted the walking off time and time again.