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9 Museums You Can Visit for Free from the Comfort of Home

Tour the world’s best museums without ever leaving bed.

mona lisa

We’re in self-quarantine, the airports are closed, and for those of us who had an itch for travel— we just have to hold off in the name of social distancing. Although we can’t dive into the glittering Italian waters of Lake Como from our phones, we can see the world’s most famous Italian masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, through a virtual tour of The Louvre. And if art isn’t your thing, you can channel your best Ben Stiller energy and spend a night at the museum in the Smithsonian— except while lying in bed. Whatever fits your mood, you’ll definitely find a piece of history you want to experience in this list of world-class virtual museum tours. 


THE LOUVRE: Possibly the world’s greatest art museum. Skip the line at


SMITHSONIAN NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: One of the most visited in the world, mammals, insects, and dinosaurs are just a few of the natural wonders available at natural


THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART: Home to over 2 million artworks, and a New York staple, put your art glasses on and explore the works of giants like Jackson Pollock at


THE SALVADOR DALI MUSEUM: The godfather of Dada and all things topsy-turvy, see the iconic melting clocks yourself at 


THE VATICAN MUSEUMS: From Michelangelo’s historic Sistine Chapel ceiling, to classical sculptures curated by Popes over centuries, enter the rich world of Catholic art history at 


ROALD DAHL MUSEUM: One of the most celebrated children’s authors in history. Get your everlasting gobstoppers at


VAN GOGH MUSEUM : One of the most celebrated and controversial artists in history fully exhibited, courtesy of Google Arts & Culture, at See the vast, golden sunflower fields of Amsterdam yourself.


THE SOLOMON R. GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM: Picasso, Jeff Koons, and other creative giants are showcased in Guggenheim museum branches worldwide. The Big Apple’s collection is available in detail at


BRITISH MUSEUM: More than 8 million objects, the London mega-museum offers an endless pool of history waiting to be virtually explored at