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9 Things People Do In Front Of The Mirror

Admit it, we've all done these things at some point in our lives…

Whether you are a man or a woman, rich or poor, young or old, everyone has a mirror. With that in mind, we decided to compile a list of things we are guilty of doing in front of it.

Perfecting “The Look”

Some may spend minutes, while others will spend years staring at themselves in a futile attempt to perfect the model-like look. In reality, the look people settle on is rarely sexy and all too often looks way too bitchy.


Whether you are a professional or an amateur, dancers around the world take to their mirrors to perfect their moves. One can understand the need for professionals to use mirrors to fine tune their movements, but the majority of us just so happen to do it to get an idea of how ridiculous we will be looking later that night, in da club.

Build Confidence

Sometimes we look at ourselves in the mirror as an attempt to build up confidence before heading to an important meeting. Other times people have fun fantasizing about scenarios a la Robert DeNiro in the film Taxi. For the millionth time, yes you are looking at yourself. Now pull the trigger.


Although one could argue men do this more than women, at the end of the day we have all done it. Sure, we may not have the bulging muscles, but we will flex anyways just for the slight chance of unveiling something to brag about. We can understand the occasional flex, but when minutes turn into hours with no acknowledgement from your nipples that you are hopelessly trying to make dance, then it is time to admit you have a problem. We recommend smashing the mirror, or getting a nipple ring.


The picture generated by the camera already reflects whatever was in front of the camera, much like a mirror. However, for some reason that isn’t enough as people around the world seem to think it is essential to have both you and your camera in the picture taken of your mirror. At the end of the day, we guess we prefer selfies of people in mirrors as opposed to the douche-bag alternative of using a selfie-stick.  

The Jiggle Test

Plaguing the world is the distorted notion of "beauty" that graces the covers of every magazine in existence. From a young age we are told that beauty has only one shape: unhealthily skinny for women, and steroid filled bulging muscles for men. This perception has left many of us standing in front of a mirror jiggling each part of body as if we are scientifically measuring fat. The truth is we are all beautiful, and the sooner we collectively agree the sooner anorexia and steroid abuse will be a thing of the past.

Having Sex in the Mirror

No, we aren’t physically having sex in the mirror. However, if you are having sex and there is mirror reflecting the act, then chances are you will sneak a peak, as it is likely the closest you will come to starring in a porn film. If you find yourself unable to look at your partner during this intimate moment, chances are you may be a psychopath.

Putting on a Fashion Show

You may ignorantly think that this is something only women do. This is not true. Don’t believe us? Just step into a club and we guarantee you will find just as many men as there are women who look like they spent hours getting ready and accessorizing. The only argument that can be made is that men may not go through as much of their wardrobe as women before settling on the outfit of the night.

Complaining About Imperfections

It is part of the human condition to never be satisfied, and no truer is that than we are in front of the mirror. Sadly, we are our toughest critics and no matter how we look we will point out our own imperfections and dwell on them until we refuse to leave the house. This problem has gotten so out of hand that even someone as famous as Beyonce will worry about her thigh gap not being wide enough that she turns to photoshop to manipulate her photos to reflect what she wishes she saw in the mirror. Beyonce, you are beautiful. If you don’t own it, then who will? Please think of the children.