Thursday July 25th, 2024
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A Luxurious Little Pick-Me-Up at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

We practically had to tear the pizza out of Farah Hosny's hands before she was whisked away in a limo full of roses for some well-deserved (read: much-needed) pampering at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza.

Staff Writer

A Luxurious Little Pick-Me-Up at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

There are two kinds of women in this world: those who remove their makeup before they go to bed, and those who eat pizza in bed and fall asleep with sauce on their face. Clearly, I wouldn’t have bothered with the above example if I were of the former.

I’ve never quite managed to summon the will to overcome my incredible laziness and take my makeup off before bed, even though Cosmo has always told me that’s the right thing to do, right up there with saving dolphins. In fact, I’ve never managed to do anything nice for my skin, and my skin has retaliated in kind by constantly making me look in a way that has me fielding “Ohhh, you look tired today” comments, Sunday through Thursday. 

Realising this - about 15 years too late - I decided I would turn my skincare routine around! I would cleanse! I would moisturise! I would glow! I would begin with a facial. So, when I was offered a spa treatment with the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza’s new limo service - where they pick you up wherever you are, drive you to their spa and drive you back once you’re done with your pampering session – I was like YAAAAS. I was on my way to glowing skin. Because, really, between my eternal inability to do anything that requires effort on my part and the hectic nature of my job, I rarely have the free time or the energy to get a facial for myself, so this new limo service was perfect because I got to leave the office for a facial under the pretense of 'work'.

I got a little over excited about the rose petals...

The car they sent to pick me up arrived at the exact time specified, which felt weird because Egypt doesn’t do punctuality; it felt a little like the universe was out of balance - in a good way. Between the rose petals scattered on the back seat, presumably a late Valentine’s Day sentiment, and the lady waiting for me at the door of the hotel, I felt almost uncomfortably regal. Almost. I mean, I could totally get used to this.

I was taken up to the spa, met my lovely therapist Corry, and plopped down on a bed to begin my facial - titled Facial Hydration Strategy Brilia. Using Themae Paris products for an intensely purifying session, Corry slathered creams and scrubs, exfoliated and moisturised, and cleansed and detoxified my poor, poor, badly taken care of skin, all the while massaging my neck and shoulders. It was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep, but I’ve been told I talk in my sleep and I didn’t want to freak Corry out by mumbling things like "You have to capitalise all proper nouns,” so I fought it really hard. At one point, she asked lightly, “When was the last time you got facial, miss?” Okay, Corry. Yeah, alright. I get it, my skin looks like I’ve been rolling around in mud and I’m terrible at taking care of it and I’m going to look like I’m 80 by the time I’m 28. I know. But thankfully, she was there to rectify all that.

An hour later, I emerged with thoroughly cleansed skin - and with a thoroughly relaxed aura, I may add. I shuffled over to their relaxation room in my robe and slippers - because I was clearly not ready to return to work – and sipped on cucumber water while staring out at the Nile and pondering the meaning of life and the future of my skin. A little while later, after polishing off the entire bowl of cashew nuts left out without any shame, I made my way back to the spa’s reception, where they promptly called my car back to meet me downstairs. Strolling out of the Four Seasons, a nice gentleman opened the door of the car for me and I cried all the way back to the office. I miss you already, Corry. I promise I’ll be back soon for more epic skincare. Right, Four Seasons? Right?

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