Thursday March 30th, 2023
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A Truffle Four All Seasons…

The Four Season Nile Plaza's deliciously indulgent Bella is introducing its pièce de résistance on November 9th: the holy grail of all that is edible…

Staff Writer

Are you prepared to taste a culinary indulgence? An underground delight? The diamond of the kitchen? Truffles have a special and highly esteemed place within the world of gastronomy and as of November 9th they will be working their magic on Cairo's taste buds at the best Italian restaurant in Cairo, The Four Seasons Nile Plaza's Bella.

This year, truffle hunters are celebrating one of the best truffle harvests in recent history, and Bella Restaurant is inviting you to celebrate with them as of November 9th with their black and white truffle promotion. Whilst enjoying a wonderfully atmospheric meal with a beautiful Nile view and excellent service, dishes showered in truffles will light up the meals of even those with the most jaded of palates.

Intrigued? Well, we can assure you that you are not alone in your interest, as truffles have captivated the attention of many. Believed to be an aphrodisiac (yes, apparently truffles will get you in the mood), unbeknownst to many, truffles are a form of mushroom and hold a revered place among luxury foods, such as saffron, caviar and foie gras. Found in the Piedemont region of Italy, these underground gems are a staple of haute cuisine and are greatly prized by many food connoisseurs and famous chefs, eager to add the delicacy to their menus.

Now, thanks to Chef Marco, the executive Italian chef himself travelling to Italy to source the freshest high quality truffles, the Four Season's Bella is the only restaurant in Egypt to offer us some of the finest delicacies available on the market.

Deemed by the ancient Roman philosopher Cicero to be 'the children of the earth', while Alexandre Dumas referred to them as “the gastronomes holy of holies,” and Brillat Savarin, the famous French gastronome, believed them to be “the jewel of cookery,” Bella's black and white truffles are certainly not to be overlooked.

The month of November is a gastronomic experience not to be missed and the Four Seasons Nile Plaza's Bella is certainly tickling our taste buds with their aromatic and flavoursome black and white truffles!