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Accessorize X LoveByN

Fashionista LoveByN teams up with Accessorize to create a series of super cute hair-styling tutorials, giving us ample inspiration to get creative and garland our hairs with some awesome accessories.

"Oooh look at me, I have long, luscious locks and they're blond and they're perfect and to top it all off Accessorize is pimping them out with adorable hair accessories." The "me" at hand is Nour Aboulela, aka she of LoveByN Instafame. Listen here, as if it's not enough that we're experiencing massive #InstaEnvy over her amazing photos and also would rather like to steal every item in her closet, now the style maven is teaming up with Accessorize to put together some awesome hair tutorials for the summer months.

From floral hippie headbands, to cute French braid updos with necklaces threaded within the strands, to summery hats that will cover up the worst of those inevitable summer bad hair days, the shots will give you some serious hairspiration.

The accessory heaven and the fashionista got Toi Beauty Salon to help them out with the gorgeous styling, so we are fairly sure that when we try and imitate the looks, they will look like a child's art project. Not to mention that our hair has not been perfectly blown out into princess waves. The looks scream casual hippie beach chic but the dirty little secret of the casual hippie beach chic looks is that they often take a whole lot more effort than it looks like they do.

I mean, let us take this look below for instance. It's awesome and we love it. However, let us take a moment to think how we would achieve it. Not only do you have to be capable of French braiding (a talent we have now been trying to master for many, many moons now, often ditching our work to sit and try and French braid each other's hair in the office) but you must also be able to do it upside down, AND have deftly skilled enough fingers to thread a necklace through it.

Moving on, the other looks seem easy enough to recreate. There's a little twist-and-pin situation that we could definitely get behind. There are also some very pretty fascinators, but, you know, we don’t have any polo matches lined up this summer quite yet so barring an invitation from the Queen to join her at the races, we aren’t entirely sure where we'd don them.

Our favourite look, which also happens to be the most attainable one, and also right in line with our current hippie-headband obsession are two cute braids threaded back from the crown of your head, pinned at the back, and topped with a daisy headband. It's downright adorbs and we shall spend the rest of the day trying it and all the rest of the looks out on our own hair.