Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Amina Khalil Speaks at Launch Ceremony for AUC Animal Rights Student Organisation

Animal Rights Association (ARA) is an AUC student organisation that has only just started operating this semester, but they're already making a difference.

Staff Writer

Amina Khalil Speaks at Launch Ceremony for AUC Animal Rights Student Organisation

There’s a new student organisation on campus at AUC and they mean business. In a ceremony attended by ESMA’s Mona Khalil, CART Vice President Engy Tarek, and actress Amina Khalil, Animal Rights Association (ARA) was officially in business and they plan on making a go out of it.

The student organisation, which has just started operating this semester, is already making waves. With 124 registered members, ARA is launching with an impressive agenda. “We are already working on 4 projects at the moment, which centre on spreading awareness about animal welfare and supporting animal shelters,” ARA President and Founder Zeina Helmy says.  

But that’s not all they’re working on, according to Zeina, ARA is launching Cats on Campus, a campaign to find homes for the AUC campus’ feline dwellers. “AUC has always been cat-friendly, but now the campus wants the cats out, they received complaints from other students, so we’re also campaigning against getting the cats out,” Helmy explains.    

The organisation is also launching its own investigation into the conditions at the Giza Zoo – the most we ever did to help anyone was sign up for a charity carwash. “We’re sending ARA members to the Giza Zoo [periodically] to identify the problematic areas causing the animals to live in such conditions, so we can provide help in those areas,” she says.

ARA members are also taking it upon themselves to educate the public on how to deal with stray animals and organises biweekly trips to animal shelters. “We’re trying to increase public awareness, we host training sessions on how to deal with stray animals, speak at public and private schools to impart this knowledge to the kids, and hold conferences,” Helmy says proudly.

ARA accepts non-AUC volunteers, so if you feel like doing some good, check them out on Facebook.  

Photo by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.