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Anghami's New 'LiveRadio' Feature Lets Every User Be a DJ

Anghami is looking to bring music back to its communal roots with LiveRadio, a new feature that lets you play music in real time while your listeners are able to have a live chat with you and each other.

Remember hanging out in your friend's bedroom, slotting in that cassette tape in the walkman, using separate ends of your headphones each so you can share your new favourite song? Or swapping CDs between you and your cousins' laptops so you can find out all about each others' latest musical finds at the mall? Digital services like Anghami are great for hoarding music, but Anghami is feeling the distance (social or otherwise) that people are having when it comes to amassing their playlists with nobody nearby to show them to. Anghami is looking to bring music back to its communal roots in a way no other app has done before with their new feature, LiveRadio.

Just as the name suggests, Anghami's LiveRadio is like being the DJ to your own radio station, and we don't just mean you can broadcast songs. Like we said, they want that feeling of community - you press a 'Go Live' button to create a room, where other users can enter to listen to live music, and interact with each other (and you!) through live chat! Whether you've made your room invite-only or public, all of your followers will receive a notification, letting them know that you're about to share your sound with friends, family or even complete strangers. Both listeners and broadcasters can even send out invitations for others to join in! Whoever is in there, your listeners will be able to chat, share stories, make requests, tell you how much your tastes suck - no matter how far away they might be, it'd be just like they're all right there, sharing that pair of headphones with you.

While the platform currently lets you control your queue and respond to the chat by text, Anghami plans on making you feel even more like a radio host by enabling push-to-talk audio so you can add your smooth voice to the broadcast and speak directly to your listeners, mixing options for DJs-to-be, and eventually, live video streaming.