Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Beit Nadia, Cairo's Freshest Interior Design House

This young Egyptian woman has created an incredible new design house with a difference and she’s only 24.

Staff Writer

Beit Nadia, Cairo's Freshest Interior Design House

Interior design in Egypt can be… interesting. Gaudy patterns, distasteful colour combinations, and WAY too much outdated furniture is unfortunately a common theme in the house-hunting arena. But while many of us were being assaulted with visual nightmares, a talented 24-year-old woman has establishing Beit Nadia, a new multi-disciplinary design house which brings fresh shapes, fitting textures, and harmonious tones to the table. A much needed breath of fresh air to the Cairo scene. 
Having studied at both the Florence Design Academy, Italy and the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, before working for the Alchemy Design Studio, Nadia Salem took the plunge four months ago and established her very own design house, Beit Nadia. The company takes on both residential and commercial projects, and as well as dealing with interior design, it handles architecture, landscape, and furniture design. “Beit Nadia handles everything from beginning to end – that’s what makes us different,” Nadia herself tells us. “Whereas most design houses just handle one aspect of a project, for example the design packages or technical aspects, we do everything, down to the commercial branding. We provide complete solutions.”When quizzed on how she took the plunge to go it alone at such a young age, Nadia insisted that it was as simple as starting work early in life and seizing the opportunities she was presented with. “Starting your own business is difficult, but it is difficult at any age. Of course it is stressful, but it’s amazing seeing each project coming to life.”Beit Nadia’s aesthetic vision is heavily influenced by European modernism, but retains elements of traditional Egyptian design, such as Islamic architecture. “I travel every year and attend design fairs around the world,” she states. “Detail is important, so I make sure to keep up-to-date with the newest technologies and stylistic developments.”

Follow Beit Nadia’s progress on its website, Instagram, and Facebook.