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Cairo From the Eyes of Cyclists

Last weekend, Orange Bike Day proved to Cairenes that cycling around the city can be safe and fun. We grabbed our Go-Pro and joined the 3000 enthusiasts. Here's what happened...

Last Saturday, the Embassy of the Netherlands held their annual Orange Bike Day. Last year a thousand enthusiatic cyclists to attended, but this year the turnout tripled, with roughly 3000 orange-clad riders partaking in this edition. What was designed to encourage Egyptians to cycle seems to be working as each year the numbers grow. Dispelling the rumours that it is unsafe or impossible to cycle in Cairo, the event took place without incident, and proved that cycling is great exercise, tonnes of fun, good for the environment and, most importantly, practical. The event was a lot fun for the whole family and is truly a one of kind annual happening. We had so much that we made sure to grab the Go-Pro as we toured Zamalek and Downtown: