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Goodbye Hunger, HelloFood

Operating in 40 countries across four continents, the easy-to-use HelloFood app has just landed in Egypt, making ordering food a breeze.

What if the age-old question of ‘what shall we order?’ could be answered without going back and forth and losing friendships in the inevitable arguments that ensue?  What if when it came to finally ordering, all you needed was a tap and a slide of your smartphone?  Say goodbye to struggling to explain your special dietary requirements to helpless call centre staff and say HelloFood.

HelloFood is a global online food delivery marketplace headquartered in Berlin, operating in more than 40 countries across four continents, and has just landed in Egypt, available for both Android and iOS devices. Once you install the app it’s very simple. All you have to do is enter your name, address, number and order your food. You will receive an SMS almost instantly of the estimated time of arrival and that’s it, you’re all set! No more complicated emails and waiting for the confirmation and all of that nonsense. Also, restaurants that aren’t in your area but have the capability to deliver to you nonetheless will still show on your screen. HelloFood’s Egypt Managing Director Walied Elamien tells us that “unlike ‘another app’ we take care of our customers. They don’t have to do anything other than order their food via our app. If a problem occurs, we will deal with the restaurant ourselves and not the customer.” If you’re not sold yet, we’ll let you in on a little secret – if you install the app on your phone within the next few days, you will be delivered a free Nola cupcake to your doorstep, so hurry up!

Download for Android here and for iOS here.