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Dancestock: The Penultimate Edition

With just one more Dancestock to go next week, Cairo Jazz Club certainly reminded us why their iconic venue never goes out of fashion. Kurt Galalah celebrates - albeit emotionally - with Aly Goede and Andre Crom.

Last Wednesday, Dancestock returned to CJC for its penultimate session making for the most memorable night of dance. The evening was full of brilliant tracks, twerking, and booze; lots of booze. It was the hottest party in Cairo as the Dancestock series seems to only grow with every passing session, culminating in the dance free for all that was last Wednesday.

One of the best local DJs around got the party started; that DJ is Aly Goede. He took to the decks spinning his hard-driving Tech house beats that got everybody crazy and causing one (or maybe two) to drop and break their glasses.

Then it was time for Andre Crom!!! I have run out of words to contain my excitement and fangirling about the arrival of Off Recording's Andre Crom who made it all the way from Germany and I couldn't believe I was breathing the same air as him, *hyperventilates *. His stripped-down approach to Tech House has not failed to impress the European club scene, and it certainly hasn't failed to impress the Egyptian club scene but took it to a whole new level.

As Dancestock draws to a close, this week's edition was explosion of music and absolute craziness, thanks to Aly Goede, the legendary Andre Crome and of course, the brilliant crew at Cairo Jazz Club, who always impress with their events and bookings. *breaks another glass*

Next week, Italian born DJ and Producer, Manuel De La Mare brings his infamous Deep House mixes to the CJC decks, after Aguizi & Fahim prove why they keep climbing the ranks on the local scene. Find out more here.