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Mobinil Golf Tournament: A Whole in One at JW Marriott

Proving that even the toughest of businessmen and women can unwind and enjoy a game of golf, Mobinil's annual tournament saw the winner go home with a trip to Barcelona. Check out the highlight here...

For the third time, Mobinil sponsored a fantastic Golf tournament over at the sprawling JW Marriott’s impressive 18-hole course. The event began at 9am and witnessed 80 exceptional holfers, made up of top Mobinil execs, business partners, expats and JW Marriott clubhouse members, battle it out on the beautiful Marriott Golf Course for a chance to win the grand prize; a four day trip to Barcelona, all expenses paid with the chance to cover yet another glorious green...golfers paradise! The game teed off at 10.30am and concluded with a prize ceremony, live music and a delicious lunch.

And the winners? Taking fifth place was Yves Gauthier with 38 points, fourth place was none other than Yun Lan Woo also with 38 points, third was Francois Drion with 39 points, second was Simon Wills also with 39 points and the big winner was Li Suijin with an astounding 42 points!

However the winners didn't stop there. Special prizes for the nearest pin went to Cherif Shalakani on Hole 7 and Hala Nour El Din on Hole 16 along with winners of longest drive Helene Guillou on Hole 10 and Simon Wills on Hole 15. Who said ladies can’t golf?!

This one of a kind partnership presented an elite and special event like no other as it got right down to business and was centred around the professional players themselves.