Friday April 19th, 2024
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Can You Help Us Find a Wife for Bishara?

What happens when a group of Egyptian friends take a joke too far? We catch up with the man of the minute...

Staff Writer

Can You Help Us Find a Wife for Bishara?

We've all been there; you reach a certain age and suddenly every friend, family member or distant accquaintence is trying to marry you off. However, Mo Bishara's friends took pushiness to the next level by launching an online website ( dedicated to finding his future bride.

The cheeky group built an entire website to show off their buddy's talents to the opposite sex. The site features pictures of Mo in various poses alongside detailed reasons to show why he is the perfect catch. Mortifying, right? Well, actually Mo is quite pleased.

CairoScene couldn't resist catching up for a chat with Egypt's most eligeble bachelor.

How did this all start?
Nahla is a friend of mine who is always trying to set me up with girls but she only talks about it and has never done it. Her husband wanted to spice up the discussion so he suggested that my friends should create me a website to help me find the right girl.

Did you think the private joke would escalate so far?
"Yes, I was sure it was going to escalate within my circle of friends; they love this stuff so sharing the website and tagging a few friends was inevitable. What I didn’t expect though was sharing the website and tagging me on Mateegi’s Facebook page (web portal for boutique hotels all over Egypt) because one of the founders is a friend of mine and was interested to see what kind of feedback it might generate! Also, friends abroad in the US & Europe started sharing the website with friends, whom I don’t even know!

Have you had any serious applications?
As far as I know, no, although I need to verify this. Nonetheless, in 24 hours the website got over 250 likes and over 1,100 visits out of which 650+ were females. I personally received an offer on Facebook from someone to help me find my match!

How does it feel to be a viral sensation?
Initially it felt like a total invasion of privacy, that’s why I adopted a silent strategy towards the campaign thinking it would cause the joke to fade out quickly among my friends but I was wrong… I stepped into a two hour meeting at work and when I came out the Facebook notifications, messages, friend requests and Whatsapp messages, proving that my strategy had failed miserably.

Are you planning to revenge on your friends?
I believe in the saying “revenge is meal best served cold.” I will definitely think of something but it will not be in public.

Update: The website has now been removed. Boo!