Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Chanel Supermarket

Effectively winning Fashion Weeks, Karl Lagerfeld created a stylish supermarket as the venue for Chanel's AW14 collection.

Staff Writer

Chanel Supermarket

Chanel could literally make garbage bags chic. If tomorrow morning Chanel announced that neon yellow Carina tops were in, neon yellow Carina tops would be in and everyone would be flocking to Egypt to get their hands on our nation's stretchiest tops. But we digress. In the fashion house's latest show of extravagance, Karl Lagerfeld, king of all things fashion, transformed his catwalk in the Grand Palais into an (uber-stylish and extremely high end) supermarket for his AW14 show at Paris Fashion Week. HE MADE HIMSELF A WHOLE FREAKING SUPERMARKET, PEOPLE! It's not terribly surprising considering his track record of insanely theatrical shows but transforming the French capital's Grand Palais into his own personal fashion playground takes the cake. And it came complete with Chanel-branded food. Yes, the entire supermarket was stocked with goodies you wouldn’t find in Seoudi, like haute ketchup and tweed tea. We get it Karl, you are a God amongst peasants.

Models perused the aisles, picking up Chanel-themed goodies, and even hit the checkout counter, all while modeling the new collection of course. Notable appearances include Karl's best bud Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian's less-skanky little sis, Kendall Jenner, who Karl has apparently deemed cool enough to model in his show. His show that metamorphosed the Grand Palais into a supermarket. Très, très chic.