Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Coffee Heaven with Nespresso

Nespresso is inviting an exclusive list of caffeine addicts for a buzzed up day out on the Nile to celebrate the launch of it's new Inissia machine...

Staff Writer

Coffee Heaven with Nespresso

Ah caffeine. Light of my life, fire of my loins. It has helped us with the ability to open our eyes many a morning, aided us in pulling all nighters all throughout university, and just generally tasted like the liquid form of true love. The best possible version of it we can get at home is Nespresso's liquid magic. We have dedicated a shrine to their machine, both in our office, and at each of our individual homes, where we worship daily at the alter of its coffee, carefully selecting one choice amongst its many multi-coloured capsules, each of which reveals a divine new flavor. So when we heard the delish coffee brand was releasing a brand-spanking new Inissia machine, naturally, we did a little jump for joy.

This nifty little invention is an ultra-compact coffee machine that combines extra high tech coffee technology (our very favourite kind of technology obviously) and also happens to look super sleek and adorable. For the launch of this new Inissia contraption, Nespresso will be hosting an exclusive list of invitees this Monday 31st and treating them to a full day of coffee and activities, complete with a boat ride and drum circle.

The afternoon will start with this alleged drum circle – what this has to do with coffee we aren’t entirely sure, but it sounds enticing. What does one do in a drum circle? Will we discover our inner musician/caffeine addict through drumming? They'll also have Nile FM's Safi, who is clearly a caffeine aficionado himself, breaking down how the machine works and highlighting its awesomeness, which will be followed by a Felouka cruise on the Nile. We haven’t been on a Felouka since high school and it just so happens to be the perfect weather these days to take up these sort of shennanigans again. We can't WAIT to ditch work and spend the day cruising the Nile. There'll be lunch on the Felouka, games, cartoon illustrators (so we can see a caricaturized buzzed up version of ourselves) and an Inissia prize raffle. Knowing our shitty luck we probably won't win that raffle but oh well.  We'll still get to enjoy some epic coffee, and being the caffeine fiends that we are, we'll definitely end up buying this cool new machine to facilitate our coffee drinking!