Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Craigslist Gets Creepier

Conor Sheils goes on a mission to find the weirdest and wildest things on offer on Cairo's branch of Craigslist. The results? NSFW!

Staff Writer

Following our discovery of the presidential yacht on crap-for-sale site Craigslist, we decided to delve a little deeper to see what we could find on the Cairo branch of the weird and wonderful sale site. Frankly, we were shocked, amazed and a bit weirded out.

Here's a list of just some of the things you can use your hard earned cash to buy on the world's favourite trash site this weekend:

Sex toys - Perhaps one of the most interesting things we found was a plethora of sex toys. Vibrators, Japanese love eggs and whole bunch of reasons to never leave the house again. And all for only £70.

A visa - Are you getting fed up of Egypt and want to head elsewhere for a break from the constant revolutions / constitution / sand?  Then look no further than rainy old Europe. And those lovable chaps on Craigslist are offering you a visa in just five days!

A male prostitute - Half Lebanese, half Egyptian, 100% ready to please you ladies. 

A free full body massage - So it isn't just the guys who are having their needs taken care of then. There are a number of male masseurs, more than happy to fondle you for free provided you're female. Now, how's about that for an offer you can't refuse?

Lacy underwear - While they don't say if they're new or used, a 12 pack of sexy, lacy underwear could be yours.

Trampoline - Speaking of things that make a good home - a trampoline! We found the leading source of stupid accidents for sale on Cairo craigslist....a city populated  by people mostly living in cramped high-rise apartments.

Red Bull - And it gets more bizarre - some enterprising sales buff has decided to sell individual cans of Red Bull - presumably ignoring the fact that every kiosk in Cairo does exactly the same thing.

Whiskey - Finally, we found something to make this weekend complete; a Red Label bottle of Johnnie Walker whiskey.

And with that - we decided to log off, deleting our internet history first, of course.