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Destination 31°

A brilliant and varied adventure travel company based right here in Egypt, we take a look at Destination 31°'s upcoming trips both locally and abroad...

So here are all the places Egyptians go to for holidays: England and Spain. That's it, that's the whole list. So for everyone who does not want to repeat the same two trips that Egyptians take in rotation for their entire lives, in comes Destination 31°, an Egyptian-based company that specialises in adventure travel, ecotourism, and extreme sports both in Egypt and the rest of the world. White water rafting anyone? Or some hardcore Nile rafting perhaps? This awesome company is made for your inner adventurous spirit/adrenaline junkie, and plans trips to places so geographically far-flung that if someone asks you a basic question about the country, we bet you'll fail to answer it. Think Nepal, Tibet, and Greenland (does anyone reading even know anyone who's been to Greenland, like ever??). They also plan some kickass trips within Egypt for those people who'd like to see a different side of our fair country and not simply go to Gouna over and over again. These trips include things like heading to Nubia or trekking through Sinai, the latter of which requires people slightly more energetic than our I-hit-the-gym-once-a-year selves. Here are some of the cool trips upcoming trips they've got planned.

The Trek to Ras Shitan (6th - 8th March)

A unique trekking journey through the mystical desert and canyons of Sinai to the laidback beach haven of Ras Shitan.

Duration: 3 days 2 nights

- Hiking, Scrambling & Canyoning in the Sinai desert
- Camping under the starlit sky
- The Colored Canyon
- Ain Khudra Oasis
- Ras Shitan beach

Trekking Sinai: High Mountains Trek (19th - 22nd March)

A trekking odyssey in St. Catherine National Park in the mystical peninsula of Sinai which still holds a lot of uncovered secrets within its mountains and wadis. 

Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights

- St. Catherine Monastery
- Trekking St. Catherine National Park
- Camping under the starlit sky
- El-Galt El-Azraq (The Blue Pool)
- Bab El-Donya (Gate of the Universe)

India: Off the Beaten Track (11th - 20th April) 

This ones got Eat, Pray, Love written all over it. A trip to India, where they'll take you through the less explored parts of India, to the Himalayan region for a breathtaking trekking experience followed by a rafting expedition down the Ganges River then embark on a unique wildlife safari and conclude by the legendary Taj Mahal.

Duration: 10 Days

- Trekking in the Indian Himalayas with camping in the mountains 
- Rafting Expedition in the Ganges river with camping by the river banks
- Wildlife Safari in Corbett national park
- Agra & Taj Mahal 

Nepal: The Gate to the Himalayas (18th - 25th April)

A backpacking adventure combined with a multi-activity program in the land of serenity. From rafting down river streams and rappelling down wild canyons to Mountain Trekking with panoramic views over the Himalayas and some jungle safari along the way.

Duration: 8 days

- White Water Rafting in Trisuli River
- Canyoning in one of the most scenic canyons in Central Asia
- Mountain Trekking by the Himalayas (Dhampus-Sarangkot Trek)
- Wildlife Safari in Chitwan National Park
- Kathmandu & Pokhara

 Check out Destination 31's Facebook page here.