Friday May 24th, 2024
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Egyptian Hairdresser Gives Free Cuts to Women Who Donate Their Hair to Cancer Survivors

Just as we thought Breast Cancer Month was over, Kriss Salons sends a reminder that helping can be as easy as a makeover.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Hairdresser Gives Free Cuts to Women Who Donate Their Hair to Cancer Survivors

October may have ended, but the spirit of Breast Cancer Month seems to have carried on at Kriss Salon, where hairdressers will be offering stylish haircuts for free to every woman who is willing to donate her hair to a cancer survivor.

“Kriss has always been very passionate about supporting cancer fighters – and we want to stress on the word fighters, not patients, because that’s what they really are,” says the store manager for all branches, Karim Kamel.

“At the salon, Kriss has dealt with a few customers as they went through cancer therapy; some of them are not here anymore, and he was very inspired by the positive energy they always brought to the house, the way they cope with it, the way they make it look so easy compared to people who complain about their life,” he explains.


The salon will run the initiative across its five branches in Mohandiseen, Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed, Maadi, and the North Coast in an effort to support cancer victims and encourage brave women to donate their locks as a gesture of support for those undergoing cancer treatment. The hair pieces will be collected to create extensions to be donated to non-profit organisations.

The importance of the initiative stretches well beyond a gesture. “People and women go to salons to feel good about themselves; beauty salons are looked down upon, but what’s really happening here is that they can sincerely help," he explains. "If a cancer fighter can feel good about herself, she can actually go on for another day. When people are mentally strong, they get physically strong, so it goes back to her.”

To participate in the initiative – and get a kickass new look - there is only one condition: it has to be a minimum of 20 centimetres. “We truly believe that this initiative is a little bit too late, but late is better than never,” Kamel says as he specifies the offer runs until November 11th.

Photography by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions. 
Photographer: Ahmed Najeeb.