Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Egyptian Sex Lives Exposed

When we wrote about the 'Humans of Egypt' Facebook page, we had no idea that behind it was notorious Cairo blogger, 5orm. More surprising yet, 5orm reached out to Conor Sheils to explain the page's purpose and the city's sexual revolution...

Staff Writer

Early this week, we wrote an article exposing the mysterious Humans of Egypt sex photo blog which attrated a mixture of praise, shock and downright outrage. Imagine our surprise, when the site's creator, known by his Twitter handle @5orm, got in touch to tell us his side of the story and finally lift the lid on Cairo's x-rated underbelly. 5orm, who describes himself as a "well-known Egyptian blogger and rumour maker," claims he created the page, modelled on the popular Humans of New York site and attempts to highlight "Arab porn" and what he describes as Egypt's "sexual revolution."

The page is said to feature an entirely Egyptian cast, whom the mysterious creator puports to know personally. The page's admin says that the city is in the midst of a sexual revolution, cheekily saying that "These days Cairo makes London look like a conservative city. When it comes to sexual mores, Egypt is indeed moving in the direction of Britain and the United States, and fast. There is sex, lots of sex, all places, all ages, orgies everywhere, extreme fetishes and hijab removal."

Of course the anonymous sexpert has a number of theories behind the rise in Cairo's fetish for sex. He seems more animated as he outlines his beliefs wrapped in statistics. "There has been deterioration of the traditional role of the family over the last two decades. The average marriage age for men has gone up from 20 to 28 in the last three decades, and Egyptian women are now marrying at between 26 and 32 -- EIGHT years later than a decade ago." 5orm goes on to add that "Some 40 percent of adults who are of marriage-able age are currently single, according to official statistics. The rate of divorce, meanwhile, has also skyrocketed."

The Sex and the City style landscape described by '5orm' appears at odds with the daily life of many Cairenes but does the city hold an exciting and mysterious darkside? 5orm goes on to reveal an insight into just how much Egyptian's are engaging in vices of the flesh and that they have no problem paying for the privilege: "When it comes to prostitution, 10 to 12 percent of Egyptian prostitutes are married. More surprisingly still, not all sex workers in Egypt are female. Middle-aged wealthy women, as well as young and educated women in search of short-term sexual relationships, are seeking the personal services of male sex workers."

And with that, 5orm disappeared. The mystery continues but perhaps we've come a step closer to unearthing a different side to our city.