Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Eid Around The World

We take a look at how Muslim communities around the world celebrate Eid Al Adha.

Staff Writer

The holiday sheep around the world dread the most is here. We're all excited about cashing in our 3edeya and driving off to Gouna or Sahl Hasheesh to celebrate the holy holiday in style. But while we're off partying on the beach, the rest of the world is also celebrating Eid though they might actually remember their celebrations, as they'll probably lack tequila shots and electronic music. Since there's always an abundance of Ka3ba photos circulating during this time of year, we decided to show you how the rest of the world does Eid. 

                Indonesian women during Eid prayer near Mount Merapi in the village of Kalitengah Lor
Families pose to get their pictures taken after the prayer in Silverspring, Maryland
Turkish girls prepare for their traditional dance in Bucharest, Romania
A group of young Senegalese boys bathe their sheep in the Atlantic Ocean before the sacrifice
A French Muslim hands out croissants in front of a mosque in Paris, France
A Chinese sheep market in Xining, Qinghai
A young Bosnian boy peeks up during Eid prayer
Indian women dressed in traditional attire offer their prayers
Egyptians attend a party in Ain Sokhna