Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Enter the Creative Class with Kemet Art and Design School

This may be just what you need to go through with the career change you've been dreaming of.

Staff Writer

For the creative among us, art is not just a profession or day job, but it is a lifestyle you live and breathe in-- a culture if you will. Cairo's art world is a cultural community that can seem intimidating to break into, especially when you aren't sure you have the technical skills or connections you need to succeed. But for any of us, making a living doing what you really love is the ultimate dream. For those who have sat tirelessly for hours on end in an office cubicle or a lecture hall wondering if this is really what we want to do for the rest of our lives, that feeling of dread is all too familiar. 

The idea of making an income out of your raw talent doesn't have to be unsteady or risky-- you don't have to end up as a "starving artist." Building a long-term career in a creative industry is not only tangible, but may be a lot closer than you imagine. If you see yourself working in the world of arts and culture, want to enter a close-knitted community, build up your talent to new heights, and have fun while doing all of that-- KEMET Art and Design School will break down the doors you didn't know how to. 

KEMET is a Downtown Cairo school that offers fun, hands-on diplomas across a variety of creative professions, that cater to students on an interactive and intimate level, with teachers that are established artists in the industry. Located in AUC’s Greek Campus, the school has welcomed over 4,000 students into the new generation of Egyptian creatives across 320 programmes in the past five years alone, an indication that they might just know what they're talking about.

KEMET offers a variety of programmes designed to mold you into the creative professional you dream of becoming. Whether you’re looking to learn interior design, fashion styling, painting, product design, furniture design, digital arts, or jewellery-making, chances are they've got what you need.

Their mission? To create innovative, trend-setting programmes that will prepare its students for a fruitful worklife that still draws on Egypt's rich culture of craftsmanship and artistic heritage. The educational institution keeps in mind the ever-changing landscape and demands of the market, constantly reinventing itself to stay one step ahead of the times. One way they do this is by linking their students with titans in the field to gain a better understanding of the real world and make useful connections, to become both a better individual artist and a clever business owner. 

Inspired and named after the ancient word for Egypt, KEMET is the go-to destination to enter the arts and culture community and to prep yourself for what the local atmosphere for creatives requires. Bottom line: they know how to provide you with what you need to make your ambitions a reality. The bravery to go after your dreams, though, is all on you.