Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Everyone's Going Disco For The Temple

Get your boogie on at The Temple on Friday with DJ Ramy DJunkie, and shake what your mama gave you all night long!

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Everyone's Going Disco For The Temple
Looking for a reason to tap into your Disco soul, well then shimmy your way over to The Temple and catch the fever that is DJ Ramy DJunkie's Disco beats on Friday! It's okay if you can't dance; we can't either. Want to know a little secret? We keep re-watching this video (and a few John Travolta movies) just to learn a few moves to impress the ladies. Groovy, sa7! So, get crazy like a fool and, remember, afros aren't necessary, but are encouraged.">">

Everyone's got a little disco...Production | MO4 NetworkArt Director | Sarah SalamaVideographer | Taher Mohamed Wardobe | Kojak Studio and Boho Gallery Styling: | Yasmin AbdelbaryEditor | Ahmed Ali

Posted by">Ahmos Temple on Tuesday, 1 March 2016
Video by MO4 Network's MO4 Productions.
Production | MO4 Network
Art Director | Sarah Salama
Videographer | Taher Mohamed 
Wardobe | Kojak Studio and Boho Gallery
Styling | Yasmin Abdelbary
Editor | Ahmed Ali