Sunday July 14th, 2024
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Uberify Your Pet's Next Checkup With Vetwork

Getting a vet to come over and take care of sick Mr. Fluffy will never be easier after you download Vetwork, the app that hopes to be the Uber of on-demand veterinary services.

Staff Writer

Uberify Your Pet's Next Checkup With Vetwork

People generally suck. They can be so annoying with their emotional needs, opinions, and general existence. Pets are much better; the only emotional needs they have can usually be met with a belly rub, and any opinions they have locked inside their little animal brains. We can safely say that loving a pet is much easier than liking a person, that’s why we pet owners go to such lengths to keep our animal pals happy and healthy. There’s the special (and expensive) snacks, basically retrofitting our entire homes to be more accommodating to furry friends, coming home early from a night out to make sure Mr. Fluffy is ok, and, not least of all, trips to the vet. 

As animal lovers themselves, the folks behind the Pets Nation vet clinic know the struggle all too well. That’s why they’ve taken inspiration from Uber to create an on-demand veterinarian app called Vetwork. The app essentially works just like everyone’s favourite ride-sharing app, but instead of getting a lift for your lazy butt, you get a skilled, licensed vet to make a house call.  

Each vet (like Uber’s drivers) undergoes a thorough exam to make sure they’re up to snuff, as well as an in-depth interview, so there’s no need to worry about some sketchball coming over who doesn’t know a Great Dane from a Bichon Frise.

The app is currently still in its testing phase, but it’ll soon be available on both the Google Play and Apple App stores. 

For now, keep up with Vetwork on Facebook.