Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Experiencing the Beauty of Life's Moments With Day’s Lovely Set-Ups

Here to light up your nights, Day Egypt makes sure your special days are extra special.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

The tiny subtle details that imbue our memories and experiences make our most cherished moments truly special; It is those details that trickle into our minds, lingering long after the occasions themselves have passed. That is where Day Egypt comes in. Beyond simply event planning, Day - a name derived from the Arabic word for the first glimpse of light in the morning - focuses on crafting those precious moments we never have enough of, elevating ordinary experiences through intricate attention to detail.

Specialised in curating and creating unique and beautiful set-ups custom-tailored to complement your event - from casual dinner gatherings in your garden to birthday parties by the beach - Day exists to celebrate the people and things that matter in life, furnishing spaces with a lush, comforting ambiance meticulously designed to evoke feelings of relaxation and exude elegance. From subtle fairy lights to carefully selected dinner setups to match the mood, Day creates a sense of intimacy and connection with their more-than-meets-the-eye event planning approach.

“The sense of social togetherness, the feeling you get when you’re surrounded by the right people, the memories you make when you’re care-free, that is what we advocate for,” Donya Fawzy and Yasmine Salama, cousins and founders of Day, tell CairoScene.

Founded as a personal endeavour following a period of loss, Day is the cousins’ reminder that happy moments aren’t always guaranteed, but must always be celebrated when found. The story began with a simple birthday get-together, and when the pair were bombarded with questions from curious guests demanding to know who organised the night, the cousins just knew they had to pursue professional event planning.

So whether you’re looking for the perfect set-up for a girls’ night in, planning an unforgettable proposal to the love of your life, or just in the mood to have a picnic with stunning views, Day is one DM away from making sure your night is one that lingers.