Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Ezazty’s Wooden Bottle Dispenser is the Must-Have Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed

Glug, glug.

Staff Writer

Originally producing and selling lamps using empty booze bottles, Ezazty’s newest creation is a liquor dispenser, with a space on top of the wooden dispenser to turn the bottle upside down and screw it on top. Launching summer of 2018, founder Mario Ehab is a full-time dentist, with a passion for designing and hand-making crafty creations, of which Ezazty brings to the public.

The wooden alcohol dispensers are relatively heavy and are made for stationary use more than for on-the-go, and helps in parties and gatherings bringing some style to the beverage table. The non-thermal dispensers are easy to clean – by rinsing, mainly – and are compatible with bottles like those of Absolut, Johnny Walker and Chivas. All products are produced in Egypt and either by Ehab himself or his newly appointed team of craftsmen.

A bigger variety of quirky products will be launched in the near future – meaning in the next couple of weeks – expanding to home accessories and small appliances. All orders and purchases can be made on Ezazty’s Instagram page.