Monday May 29th, 2023
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From Etisalat TV to VIP Lounges, Etisalat Emerald Offers a Whole World of Entertainment & Luxury

When you're an Etisalat Emerald user, you'll have everything you could possibly need under one roof, for you and your family. And if you don't believe us, just take it from Shereen Reda and Dafer El Abidine.

Staff Writer

When one is young, they tend to think of who and what they want to be when they grow up. Some want to be doctors, others want to be astronauts. We here at CairoScene, however, want to let you know that you should just be an Etisalat Emerald user and that'll be more than enough. Why, you ask? Let us give you a quick crash course on why you'll want to be exactly that.

With Etisalat Emerald, everything will be under one single roof; meaning, they'll do everything for you. Actually, scratch that. Not just for you. They will do everything for you and your family -- you can legit add up to 6 lines in one account. You can also choose from a wide array of entertainment bundles to, well, entertain yourself with; from Etisalat TV to Etisalat Music, Etisalat Sports and OSN (because ain't nobody got time to miss out on their fav TV shows and stuff). You won't have to be anxious or in a hurry ever by trying to consume this month's internet data because any quota that hasn’t been used will be transferred to next month; meaning, you can live life however you want.

If you thought that was it, you're mistaken because their endless perks also include having instant complimentary access to over 800 global airport lounges around the world. Having a personal account manager that literally works around the clock to make sure all your worries are no more is going to be a reality. If any of the above aren't reasons enough to be an Etisalat Emerald user, maybe Shereen Reda and Dafer El Abidine can convince you tbh.