Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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#HowIRoll: Get 50% Off at Mori Sushi This Saturday!

The sushi kings are celebrating their 8th anniversary with an epic competition. Find out how to win 50% off your sushi bill this Saturday 10th January...

Staff Writer

Remember last year when Mori Sushi decided to just be all-around nice guys and facilitate everyone’s raw fish eating and told Cairo that for one day only if you Instagrammed a photo of your food at one of their stores, you’d get 50% off of your meal on the spot? Remember that? Remember the sushi-fuelled madness that ensued? It was a seaweed frenzy. And it was awesome. Crowds and crowds of sushi-crazed Cairenes attacked every Mori branch in the city, lining up around the proverbial block (except it wasn’t that proverbial – there were literal lines) to order oodles of the restaurant’s signature creations and just stuff their faces. Sushi is an expensive game, guys – you tell people half off and riots are bound to happen.

So anyway, this year, they’re doing it all over again in celebration of their 8th birthday! For our 8th birthdays we got like, a Barbie, but 20 Philadelphia rolls are so much better. This Saturday the 10th of January, get your Instafilters ready. Head over to any Mori Sushi branch, Instagram a photo of your meal, mention @morisushi and hashtag #HowIRoll and you instantly get 50% off your bill. Go hungry. Get ready to eat your own weight in sushi. And it’s first come, first serve in terms of securing a table so…ento weh 7azzoko!

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @morisushi.