Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Get Ready to Join Egypt's First 'PlantCult'

A living being under your care can finally survive two whole weeks...

Staff Writer

The first of its kind, Plant Cult Egypt is offering all us gardening-dummies the chance to be owners of actual, living plants for more than a month. For those who can't keep a goldfish alive for more than a week, their line, "Hard to Kill" is especially for us and comes with an instruction pamphlet/PDF guide full of information. 

“Basically, what I do is introduce the right plants to the right people. Because once you start taking care of one and it dies, you get frustrated and you give up on the whole thing altogether,” founder Iman Hosni tells us.


“My number one priority is to educate,” she tells us. And through this project, she’s working on recruiting more members to her plant cult.

The term “cult” is representative of two things; one, it’s a play on the words “plant culture” which is a huge and growing trend in foreign countries. And two, that it seems to be like an actual cult because plant-lovers who share the same interest are a small group.


The plants she sells are mostly local, Egypt-grown and the pots local pottery, although she occasionally imports cool accessories and the likes, and is always on the lookout for inspiration. Working with interior designers and artists are on the plan for the near future.

For now, purchases and orders are made online only, but she will soon be entering markets. Her collections are almost always limited edition mainly because they're all originals of a sort; she rarely puts up the same design twice. 

"I decorate mainly using plants, you wouldn't find a painting in my house - only plants." She hopes to develop into working with wood and metal in the future as well. 


“It’s sort of holy.. this attachment you have with plants. There’s a personal connection between you and your plant, and even though I summarize instructions and a simple guide for beginners,” in order to get a full grasp of your plant and its needs, you need to research. Another cool thing she does is she gives you the scientific name as well as the commonly used names for the plants you buy, so you’re properly directed when it comes to researching.

“I’ve been intensely immersed in the plant culture for the past two years. I wouldn’t call myself an expert but it heavily comes down to how much time and effort you give it.”