Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Get Ripped with American Fitness' Reformation Camp

With a star-studded line up of pro trainers and the physiotherapy know-how of Revive Medical Clinic, this revolutionary two-week fitness programme is designed to get you fit, fast. Find out how to sign up here...

Staff Writer

Summer has officially begun (we’re in for a real treat – three day heat wave starts from today so if that doesn’t solidify it we don’t know what does). And with the advent of summer comes the need to get your formet el Sahel on. And there’s this strange phenomenon that’s been creeping up on Egypt for the past year or so – fit is the new thin. Not only are people are swapping koshari for cardio and pizza for push-ups, but it seems that long gone are the days of starving yourself without working up a sweat; instead Egyptians are hitting the whole workout thing with a vengeance. Right in time for beach body season, American Fitness is bringing Cairo an intense two-week, balls-to-the-walls exercise regimen, the Reformation Camp, to whip you into shape.

The camp will be run by the famed trainers behind Dubai’s The Body Challenge and will include two workout sessions daily as well as a comprehensive meal plan. NO PIZZA FOR YOU GRETCHEN WIENERS. Not if you want abs. It will also have The Revive Medical Clinic on hand to make sure that yes, you may be working your ass off, but you’ll be totally safe and have medical supervision the whole time you’re doing it – they work hand in hand with the trainers through every step to ensure that everything from the workouts to the foods, are all to your benefit.

The programme, which is taking place from the 1st to the 14th of June in Gold’s Gym Kattameya, is designed to accommodate normal humans who have work and such, i.e. you’re not expected to like camp out there as if you don’t have a job. There will be an early session starting at 8AM, and a late one in the evenings at 9PM. During both your healthy, fit people food will be provided for you and in the middle, you’re basically given pre-packed snacks for the rest of your day. “It’s essentially a super inclusive kind of boot camp, created to get maximum results, but it’s structured so that people who have work can make it to all the sessions,” Marwa Aboelezz, one of the physiotherapists at Revive Medical, tells us. The workouts include strengthening, condition and Vinyasa yoga. “It’s basically high intensity interval training, core strengthening, running, and compound body weight movement – the idea is it’s not gonna be using any equipment,” she elaborates, “Plus there’s a whole, very carefully created meal plan, incorporating strategies like carb cycling for instance.”

The trainers which are going to be whipping your ass into shape are four of the best in the industry, with divergent but equally fit backgrounds. Salma Ismail is actually a Nike ambassador, and the Egyptian born beauty was the first Arab woman to be on the cover of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine. So, like, seriously legit. And what’s like super adorable is that she and Jordan Branford, another one of the trainers, who also happens to look so ripped we suspect it might be Photoshop, are married. Cue the awwws, super fit couple who works out together and all that. “Salma is originally Egyptian though she doesn’t live here, so she wanted to do something dedicated to fitness in her home country,” Aboelezz explains. Kirsteen Thain, who works with Crossfit in the UAE will be leading the yoga sessions, and Matt Krivokapic is an all-around sports nut. And looks like he belongs in an Abercrombie catalogue.

Anyway, if you want to get washboard abs and buns of steel, you have two weeks to challenge yourself! But, if the Reformation Camp is fully booked by the time your lazy ass gets around to making a reservation, or you don’t want to commit to two weeks, or whatever, for the rest of June after the bootcamp wraps up, you can still head over to Gold’s Gym Kattameta, and catch one of the daily classes lead by one of the four fitness fiends.

You can check out their Facebook page here, head to their site here.
If you’d like to book or want more information call 01111788052 or email