Friday May 24th, 2024
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Guys and Dogs: Our Favourite Egyptian Men and Their Furry Best Friends

And they called it puppy love...From Sharmoofers' Mo Arkan and his doggo Bo2loz, to actor Ashraf Hamdi and furry bestie Lens, we explore the unbreakable bonds between some of Egypt's favourite man-dog pairs.

Staff Writer

Guys and Dogs: Our Favourite Egyptian Men and Their Furry Best Friends

Who can resist the endless love and cutie-pie-ness of man’s best friend? Certainly not Egyptian men. An Egyptian man loves his mum, his car, his partner, and, perhaps most of all, their fluffy best friend. Nothing compares to the beauty of having a ball of cuddles waiting for you at home, killing your loneliness and loving you unconditionally. What else does anyone need?

This is a list of our favourite Egyptian man-dog pairs: try not to swoon from the cuteness.

Ahmed Abi - Visual Artist

Milo is four and has been with Ahmed Abi since he was three-months-old. The blonde pupper is feisty and loves play-fighting with his bestie. According to Abi, Milo has helped change many people’s minds about dogs because he is a charmer through and through. Milo has hidden talents too; he howls alongside Ahmed when he plays the flute.

Amr Helmy -  Red Bull Culture Marketing Manager

Bruno is a beautiful five-year-old Golden Retriever and has been with Amr Helmy all along, since he was a teeny-weeny puppy. Bruno’s charisma is legendary - we have no doubt that Helmy and him turn heads at the dog park... When they aren't frolicking on the beach and snacking on chips. 

Hassan Hassan - Artist

Hassan first met Henry six years ago. He was the only male puppy in the litter and his character and chic two-tone coat caught Hassan's eye. Henry’s favourite thing to do is stare at Hassan creepily until he gives him food. Despite his cool shades, Henry is down-to-earth; according to Hassan, his favourite treat is 3eish baladi.

Nourre Fahmy - DJ

We imagine it was love at first sight when Nourre Fahmy met Sasha. This hauntingly beautiful husky, with his blue eyes that pierce your soul, loves hanging around the garden with his two sisters, Eva and Savine. Fahmy spends his weekend mornings with Sasha, drinking coffee and basking in the sun.

Mo Arkan - Musician

Mo and Bo2loz win the award for longest-standing friendship. They met 10 years ago and they’re still going strong. Bo2loz is one of those doggos that like to wreak havoc, but Mo loves him for it. Like many other dogs, Bo2loz’s favourite treat is socks. Even though he likes to pretend he’s a badass, he’s actually a massive softie and at the end of the day, all he wants is a nice long cuddle while he and Mo watch a good movie.

Ashraf Hamdi - Actor

Ashraf met Lens two years ago, when he was just a puppy. Lens' intelligence surprised everyone and within a few weeks he was a popular socialite in his own right. How can he not be? Look at him in that fedora, with eyes naturally lined on fleek! The pair's favourite quality time activity is going for an early morning run around Zamalek. Lens likes keeping it real; his favourite treat is grilled chicken, but he also like soft treats a lot. 

Shoot by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions
Photography by Ahmed Najeeb and Ezz El Masry.