Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Hafid's New iPhone

When someone's phone gets stolen, they're usually pretty bitter about it. But one Spanish woman turned that bitterness into comedic gold...

Staff Writer

We found the most ingenious Tumblr ever. Life of A Stranger Who Stole My Phone is the story of Hafid, who stole the phone off the creator of the blog whilst she was swimming in the sea off the coast of Valencia in Spain, along with all her friends' money and belongings. When she returned home she found out that the the thief, Hafid, forgot to turn off the automatic sync button on the phone meaning all his pictures were being uploaded straight to her and the blog was born. Instead of attempting to call authorities to get her phone back she just posts the hilariously cringe-worthy pictures on Tumblr with witty captions as revenge. 

For example:

"if this isn’t a real fashion designer at work. it’s obvious that ali’s passion for fashion is deep seated. this is an exclusive look behind the scenes, where the magic happens. the carefully selected interior decoration matches ali’s exclusive taste and provides a permanent pool of inspiration for his designs. that’s why it’s very important that absolutely nothing is removed. ever."