Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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How Il Monte Galala May Change Our Vacationing Culture

Inspired by the sky-lit mountains of Portofino, Italy, IL Monte Galala is the only place in Egypt where you can find turquoise lagoons nestled on top of the mountain.

Staff Writer

Getaways have come to be defined by their sea views and beaches. Egypt’s young and old, posh and otherwise flock Sahel’s and Sokhna’s seaboards, totally oblivious to these coastal gems’ other natural endowments. Tatweer Misr is one of a handful of real estate development companies redefining and reshaping this culture by accentuating yet another one of Sokhna’s many virtues with their flagship project. IL Monte Galala is the architectural gem Tatweer Misr and world-renowned Italian architecture firm 5+1 AA will soon be gifting the country. It shall rest in the heart of the Galala Mountain, an hour’s drive away from Cairo.

Inspired by the perpetually star-studded Portofino, with its picturesque harbour and breathtaking sea and mountain views, IL Monte Galala perfectly combines Sokhna’s unique landscape and the quaint scenery of the Italian Riviera – 2.2 million square metres of mountainous magnificence lapping a 1.3 kilometre pristine shoreline. “Tatweer Misr has found inspiration in the sky lit mountains of Portofino, Italy, and how architectural sophistication and natural simplicity blend together in perfect harmony,” Tatweer Misr’s Managing Director, Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, eloquently explained. “IL Monte Galala is the only place in Egypt where you can find turquoise lagoons nestled on top of the mountain. Boasting a three kilometre shoreline of clear blue lagoons overlooking infinite sea views, the project’s landscape allows for sustainable year-round use,” Chief Projects Officer Eng. Baher Ayoub added.

The words ‘natural simplicity’ and ‘mountains’ are seldom associated with getaways, which may come as a worrisome proposition for those of us who seek comfort rather than adventures, but Il Monte Galala is both a haven and an escapade. For some, that could mean a night on the town to explore the development's bustling downtown nightlife, with authentic Italian delicacies à la Gouna's La Scala. For others, it is rock climbing, glamping, and adrenaline-pumping adventure à la Omar Samra, who's combining forces with the development company to bring to life the Middle East's biggest mountain park. As for those who aren't avid supporters of the active lifestyle, or who have far too many workplace stresses and need to wash away the stresses of reality, the experience is a wellness retreat at a luxury spa in one of the yet-to-be-disclosed exclusive hotels to be found at IL Monte Galala.

A chalet conveniently located at walking distance from the beach is great, but combine these geographic and real estate attributes with the brave new concept of ‘experience’ and you have got yourself a winning formula! How to take someone who slaves away 24/7 at a corporate job and immerse them in a state of bliss for a couple of weeks? Individual preferences may vary, but the answer remains ‘the experience’. “We do not merely build beautiful places, but we craft life's most treasured experiences for our discerning clients. With IL Monte Galala’s immense array of activities and facilities, we have developed seven gated mountaintop communities, each catering to the different needs of its residents, in one exclusive waterfront address,” Dr. Shalaby reassured us.

Entertainment and amenities aren’t Monaco’s and Saint Tropez’s only perks, though they certainly factor in their popularisation. These popular destinations and their scenic landscapes come packaged with an irresistible distinct culture, one that was intently shaped by a handful of architects. “Real estate will shape the development of Egypt in the years to come. As we stand on the threshold of new opportunities, we must commit not only to continue to drive and support industry growth but also meet and exceed expectations to fill market gaps with integrity, innovation, and commitment to excellence," Dr. Shalaby says.  

Whether Sokhna becomes our very own Portofino remains to be seen, but we will always have IL Monte Galala. “IL Monte Galala aspires to maintain its uniqueness over time by creating timeless yet modern designs, magically transforming the rugged mountain surroundings into an idyllic beach paradise, where every aspect reflects a signature design concept cut above the norm,” Eng. Baher Ayoub insists.  

Egypt is certainly not short on endowments or picturesque landscape, and projects like IL Monte Galala are the biggest testament to that. However, if we are to bring those tourists back and get this economy alive and kicking again, we need to go where many have gone before us, and came back triumphant.