Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Is Paris Hilton Suing Ramez Galal?

The notorious heiress is said to be suffering from emotional distresses and has her legal team on it.

Staff Writer

Every year, Ramez Galal finds new and creative ways to terrorise celebrities and call it funny – this year, the season’s most hotly anticipated episode was the one featuring Paris Hilton. When we broke the news that she'd be making an appearance on Ramez Wakel El Gaw back in May, were all like, omg he managed to nab an international ‘star’, omg how will she react. Not well, apparently.

Already international critics have been slamming the Egyptian show for its disturbing content with many shocked at the severity of this year’s prank which has celebrities hop on a plane which then consequently takes an alarming nosedive. Paris Hilton’s episode features the heiress screaming bloody murder as the plane plummets to the ground – which, you know, is a pretty normal reaction when you think you’re about the crash into the fiery flames of your own death.

Once they’re back on terra firma and the prank is revealed, the socialite yells that she’s going to kill Galal and still in tears, says that she travels by air all the time and crashing is one of her biggest fears. And then you know, she smiles at whatnot. But apparently, Hilton isn't over it because she is reportedly furious about the incident and planning on suing Galal. According to TMZ, Hilton is still “totally freaked out” by her near-death-but-haha-it’s-all-a-joke traumatising experience and is threatening legal action. Apparently, she has already contacted her lawyers and has a strong case for emotional distress – obviously. It's cruelty at its finest. 

She did however, Tweet about the incident – though we can’t figure out whether she’s being humorous about it or not.

Also, she did allow the episode to air meaning she signed her consent – and probably got handsomely rewarded for it. That being said, regardless of celebrities’ reactions, convincing people that they are quite literally going to crash and burn is definitely cause for someone to sue.